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Portugal March 2022

Italy May 2022

On the first day of the project, we were very well received with traditional dances and music. We got to know the City Hall and later there was a workshop on building bird feeders, with each student doing his or her own.

On the second day, there was a fashion show with clothes made from recyclable materials and later a workshop on virtual reality and a presentation of the schools and the respective countries.

On day 3 we went to visit Porticello, Baía de S.Elia and Arco Azurro with Italian families. And after lunch, we went to see the Catholic Villa and the Gutusso art collection.

On the fourth day, we went to Palermo where we visited the botanical garden. Then we took a tour of Palermo to see some of the most iconic monuments.

On the last day, we got to know Cefalú, its cathedral, the lavatory and we took a dip on the beach.

Those were incredible days.
We already miss you all.

Poland October 2021

1st Day

DAY 2 – Botanic Garden and schools and countries presentation

DAY 3 – Trip to Cracow

Day 4 – Recycling Workshops

Tetrabol tournament

Garden Work

Educational system presentations

Day 5

Turkey October 2019


Criado com o Padlet


Colégio Atlântico Presentation

Activity – save our planet

Recycle Mural – Europen students partnership


Our Garden




Spain November 2019

Day 1

Day 2

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.”
– Terry Swearingen, Nurse & Winner of Goldman Environmental Prize in 1997

Day 3

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